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Leading Greek Marble Experts

LACOMAR S.A. has been leading the way in the Greek marble industry since 1967. The company specializes in transforming blocks of marble, granite and other natural stones extracted from Greek quarries or imported as raw materials from various countries into high quality finished marble products and other construction and décor elements that meet the most challenging market and customer demands.

Renowned for delivering prestigious, high-scale megaprojects, Lacomar is now signing the works of some of the most significant private, public and international buildings, including airports, shopping malls, museums, theaters, Olympic venues, upscale stores, palaces, high-end hotels, villas, mega yachts, offices and many more. Lacomar is a Greek marble company and marble supplier that has executed countless impressive projects around the world and continues to thrive in both private and public sectors.

Premium Marble Supplier in Greece

Lacomar is synonymous to years of experience, know-how and expertise in perfecting marble. Its team of experts provides specialist knowledge and consultancy to address your needs regarding the selection and application of any natural stone for flooring, or wall coverings. It also specializes in marble design for interior or exterior applications making sure to always deliver the ultimate end result. Maintaining exemplary standards with state-of-the-art facilities, high tech-equipment and the most experienced team, Lacomar follows a thorough process to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. From researching and sourcing new materials, going through a long process of selection and inspection, monitoring and quality control to handling and storing, numbering marble pieces, packaging and delivering products of high quality, durability and superior design that meet and exceed customer expectations. Ιn the last years, Lacomar has studied a lot on honeycomb technology that is inspired by nature providing high strength and insulation properties with the use of much less material quantity. This technology has a rapid expansion in construction especially when it comes to places where the weight of the materials is important such as mega yachts, building facades and elevator cabins. Lacomar delivers customized services but also after sales service to protect all-natural stones after installation, cleaning, waterproofing and sealing their natural beauty.

Bespoke Marble Wholesaler in Greece

Being an ambassador of Greek white marble and some of the finest granites, quartz and natural stones from around the world, Lacomar is rightfully regarded a leading stones supplier in the Greek marble industry as well as in the stone market. Signaling a new era in marble design with marble no longer being just another classic and old-fashioned construction material but instead an elegant, luxurious lifestyle statement, Lacomar re-introduces it as a mean of expression, a form of art and culture. With so many remarkable marble and stone projects in its portfolio, Lacomar features some of the finest displays of stone samples in the world and has developed a reputation for superior product quality and exemplary building stone proposals that can be applied to create masterpieces of timeless beauty. Works of art of natural stones and marble tiles coming from the country that first introduced marble to the world as the richest form of decoration in columns, statues, archways and many more.

Our company has a long year experience of over 50 years
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