Prestigious Marble Projects in Greece and Abroad

Lacomar has been on the forefront of creating some of the most significant mega marble projects around the world. In full collaboration, its skilled engineers and factory team go through the entire production procedure to ensure the desired outcome. From sourcing materials from the best marble quarries in Greece and around the world, to selection and natural stone fabrication, site measurements, drawings, material cutting and numbering, dry lay and application, Lacomar orchestrates a flawless operational procedure for each and every project. Whether it is a private project such as a residence or a palace, or a public building, the process is essentially similar, regardless the application.

Every private or public project serves as a brand-new canvas, tailored to suit each client’s style, functional needs and aspirations. With decades of experience in marble fabrication, and years of expertise in granites, limestones, quartzites and other semi-precious stones, Lacomar proposes the perfect materials for every occasion, according to the needs and budget of each project, obtaining different yet equally remarkable results in its unique works.

The Most Remarkable Natural Stone Projects in the World

Lacomar always thrives to propose unique materials and designs, source new quarries and experiment with new colors and textures in order to provide a truly special result for each project. Its associate consultants, architecture curators, specialized engineers and installation teams work together with the designers of each project to propose solutions that meet the unique demands of each client in terms of marble design, quality and usability and create extraordinary results that inspire. Lacomar’s Greek marble quarries and long-lasting relationship with some of the best quarries worldwide give the company the advantage to provide its clients with marbles and semi-precious stones of the finest quality, in a short period of time and at the best price available in the market.

Distinguished Natural Stone and Marble Projects

Lacomar’s growing portfolio of significant projects begins and ends with the deep understanding of marble, the various different types of natural stones, their unique textures, intricacies, colors and functions depending on how they will be used in a space. Mastering the art of marble, Lacomar can study the needs of each particular project, propose the proper marble for the occasion, walk you through the entire selection and marble fabrication process and actualize your vision down to the finishing touch of marble installation. One of the most amazing things about marble is that it continues to change over time, adding character to each space while preserving its unique personality and luxurious appeal. A distinctive characteristic adding value to your home, prestige to a hotel or palace, grandeur to a public space.

Marble is Lacomar’s heritage and each of its projects has been carefully chosen to continue its legacy.